disAbility Awareness Challenge 2013  --- Recruiting STAFF

   The 2013 National Scout Jamboree will be held at the new Summit Bechtel Scout Reservation in West Virginia.  The disability Awareness Challenge will be there!  Check out opportunities to participate as a STAFF member. See the Staff Recruitment Package for details and expectations.

dAC Newsletter #1

          Fall 2012 Newsletter was issued in November 2012.  


dAC Newsletter #2

         Winter 2013 Newsletter was issued in January 2013


Jamboree Airport Shuttles

The airport shuttle schedule and instructions for pick up at Charleston, WV or Charlotte, NC airports.

disAbilities Awareness Challenge at 2010 National Jamboree

        For the seventh Jamboree in a row at Fort A.P. Hill, VA, a staff of dedicated Scouters created a challenging venue to provide Boy Scouts and their leaders the opportunity to become aware of devices that have been developed for the disAbled, to give them the opportunity to "experience" having a disAbility, and to demonstrate to them that those who have severe limitations can adapt and lead wholesome lives.  [NOTE: The disAbilities Awareness Challenge was also at the 2005 National Jamboree, but your webmaster was not J]  View pictures of the dAC 2010 venue. {NOTE, this is a large file and may take 5-10 minutes to upload for saving or viewing.]

dAC Staff Tee Shirts

Staff tee shirts MUST be ordered by March 11, 2013. It is suggested that you order 3 (minimum order is 2). Instructions for ordering and an order form can be downloaded.

A second order is to be placed on May 15, 2013. Shirts will cost $15 and the order and payment must be received by Peter Glass NO LATER THAN May 15th.

Map of the Summit Center

Map shows the Summit Center. The dAC is the “ham shaped” area at the north end of “Action Point (South)”

Map of the Summit

Map shows the Summit layout. Staff will be housed at “Base Camp E”.  Staff members who have mobility challenges will be housed in “Base Camp B”.

dAC Staff Patch

Rendering of the 2013 Staff Patch

Summit Travel Times

The chart at this link is an estimated “reasonable” walking time between key points at the Summit

dAC Newsletter #3

  March 2013 Newsletter was issued in 6 March 2013

 Meals at the Jamboree

Staff lunches will be the same for everybody.  We do not have information about staff Breakfast and Dinner menus yet; however the link here shows the Breakfasts and Dinners that participants will be getting..

 dAC Newsletter #4 (May)

May 2013 Newsletter was issued on 29 April 2013

Disabilities Awareness Activities Described

Descriptions of the various activities that we will be providing can be found here and here.

Details of the Mindbender mirror box and tracing forms.

Details for the Dyslexia experience can be seen here (1 & 2) and here (3 & 4).

Drawing of the Home Challenge.

Drawing of the archery support stand.

Plan for the cane maze.