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Eagle Rank patchIf you are aware of Eagle Project done by Scouts with disabilities or Eagle Projects done for those with disabilities, please contact the webmaster so that we may highlight them.

Tom Sisson's  Eagle Project was in 1985 and is still going.....

In 1985, Eagle Candidate, Tom Sisson came up with the idea to devise a new class of racing for the New Berlin, WI Soapbox Derby, a Class S. Because this class was for youth aged 6 to 21 who were disAbled he also had to come up with a Soapbox Derby car built for two. Each participant would have a Scout from Troop 41 be the driver in competition. 

Hot Rod WheelchairWell, on Saturday, September 9th, 2000 at Valley View Park, Jeremy Hart was the one who rode in the victory car waving to his parents Bill and Christine. Jeremy had co-driver Scout Robert Hendrickson in the preliminary heats and Tenderfoot Scout Jason Heun as co-driver in the final heat. Scouts from Troop 41 have been involved in this event since Tom Sisson's first race 16 years ago. 

And it is still running...  in September 2004 the New Berlin Soapbox Derby was run for the 20th year in a row!  View the 20th Anniversary race in PowerPoint.

Joining the parents, family, friends and other Scouters were the Potawatomi Council Scout Executive Mark Jansen and District Executive Bob Anderson. 

There were 28 participants in class "S" and we know that there will be another new face next year. First Class Scout Andrew Telford came to the race for the first time to watch and see what was going on. He was so excited that he can't wait until next year to compete. 

The words - "WAY COOL"Troop 41 gets involved in their community. Not only do they get involved in the Derby, they have held Valley View Park clean-up days and they assist in the Electric and Gas Company's Professional Rodeo. 

Scouting magazine, September, 1995 issue contains an article about the race and has additional background on this Eagle Project. You can view this article in pdf format or download it to review later.

To explain a little more of what the race is all about and to let you become a sideline participant, we have photos that were provided for you to view.

We want to thank Patti Shallow, Tom Sisson, and John Teske for providing the photographs. We also want to say to Tom Sisson, thanks!


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