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Digital Libraries provide a wealth of information and hours of enjoyments that can be downloaded and viewed with text viewers, audio translators, or can be enlarged for those with low vision

A collection of approximately 150 full-text works of literature and reference books on the Internet. Most of the holdings are nineteenth-century British and American works. The site is divided into four main sections: fiction; nonfiction (biography, science, and economics); poetry; and reference works. All texts are fully searchable. Bibliomania is supported by Maytech Publishing Ltd.

Search capabilities for publications (to include complete text ADA), assistive devices, companies, etc. 

The Michigan Electronic Library (MEL) has links to numerous information sources including: business, children's resources, computers, education, entertainment, government, health, humanities, science, social science and many other subjects. This site is strong on Michigan information but also has a lot of other national and international sources. The information is evaluated for quality, usefulness and relevancy. A search engine is available. In addition, residents of Michigan are able to get articles from over 1,600 popular, business, and health magazines through their local libraries. Some libraries in Michigan do allow library users to access the databases directly from their home or office Internet-connected computers.

A searchable database of over 8,000 books. The On-Line Books Page was founded in 1993 by John Mark Ockerbloom, a graduate student in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. He remains the editor of the pages, and gladly accepts suggestions for new listings. Includes books, magazines, etc that are available in text format, HTML, and page image.

Fine literature digitally republished in ASCII format.

Braille books of all types available for downloading.

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