Individual Scout Advancement Plan

Why an "Individualized Scout Advancement Plan"? (ISAP) 

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documents - Individual Scout Achievement PlanEach Scout is different, and brings their individual gifts and challenges to the unit. Each will follow a different path in life. Regardless of their personal physical, mental, or emotional attributes each will give to and take something from Scouting. We can only hope to positively effect those contributions.

An ISAP can be a natural follow up to the all-important entry meeting with the youth and family where the leader has an opportunity to meet and learn about the future Scout and explain how Scouting can be part of the youth's life.

The Scouting handbooks and policies cannot address each individual, they merely set guidelines. So, it is often useful to reach an understanding as to how certain goals can be met. The ISAP forms a "contract" or roadmap which the Scout, his parents and mentors, or other leaders can reference or, if necessary, update.

Particularly in the case of a Scout with disAbilities, an ISAP helps form the support for District and Council staff who do not know the particular Scout except by the record of accomplishments.

While we recognize that the ISAP is not an official BSA form, we strongly recommend it's use in the Scouting program. We hope that this form will be of use to you and we are interested in any comments or suggestions that you may have.

Individual Scout Advancement Plan (ISAP)

Sm & Scout discussing ISAP

The approval of alternate requirements should be discussed with the Scout, parents, and Scout Leader. An agreement is reached and forwarded for council advancement committee approval BEFORE starting to work on the requirement. This is a sample of an "agreement" that can be reached and then forwarded for approval. This is an individualized achievement plan that is non-threatening and non-judgmental. It begins as a basic "contract" which can be used for all Scouts, and is modified by addendum. The idea is that every Scout sees the "contract" as personal so that no segment is singled out.

Statement of Belief: Every boy in Scouting is a candidate for the Eagle Award. The only limitations upon achievement of that award should be that boy's individual desire, focus, and perseverance.
Objective: To provide a safe haven for personal growth free from adversity such as hazing, disrespectful or threatening behaviors by others, but filled with opportunities and challenges.
Methodology: To encourage, and within reasonable guidelines provide, each boy with the opportunity and avenues to achieve his personal goals and chosen level of success. To remove unreasonable and unnecessary barriers, through creative thinking and actions, which may impede a boy in achieving his personal goals. At the same time the Scouting experience will not lessen the challenges necessary to actual personal growth. Addendum's to the Contract may be made to define requirements.

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