disAbled soccer playerWhat activities have you done with your Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers. Please share them with other Scouters so that we can continue to make true that "Scouting is for all". Have a special game, event, or community service project that your unit does? We'd be pleased to post it to share with others.

Don't forget about the new adult training ideas you use, the presentations you make, the materials you supply at Roundtables and Pow Wows, and other training sessions. All material received will be credited to the originating source. Click here to send us your information.

Wheelchair basketball playerThere are several pages on this site devoted to a detailed description of advancement definitions and alternatives. Many of these have been submitted by Scouters so they may be shared with others. We also have a staff of experienced Scouters and non-Scouters that are available to assist others in making Scouting available to all. Individuals interested in serving as an advisor can contact the Advancement Advisory Team .

From time to time our visitors submit newspaper or magazine articles about disAbled Scouts and their activities. We will supply a link to these articles and with permission we hope to have them available for download. Should you see an article that you feel is appropriate for including on this site and want to share it with others, please forward it to the Webmaster

In an effort to enhance the usability and timeliness of the WWSWd site, we continue to spread out some of the responsibility for maintaining the content on the site. Differing points of view and perspectives yield a better product and we want to continue the growth and betterment of the WWSWd site.

Among other things, Assistant Editors have the following responsibilities:

  • Making sure that the topics on the page are current and up to date and suggesting changes when necessary. Changes could include : (1) consolidation of related topics (2) when the consolidation appears to make sense; and (3) renaming topics in an effort to aid users in navigation.
  • Making suggestions regarding new topics for the page or the site
  • Ensuring that grammar, diction and spelling in topics are clear, concise and correct.
  • Ensure that all information placed on the page has been verified as to accuracy and source.

Sure I can be an Assistant Editor

Many projects at WWSWd can benefit by additional one-time assistance provided by volunteers who want to help but cannot devote a lot of time. No amount of time is too small. I'm really interested but would like some additional information.

We are taking the initiative on many projects and are always looking for volunteers to become involved in promoting WWSWd to all BSA Councils, community organizations, companies and other agencies. Promotion and awareness of WWSWd, it's mission, objectives, and initiatives is an ongoing process that will only benefit by your involvement. We've got a great team and your involvement will only help to make it better. Click here to obtain additional information.


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