Printable VersionA Guide to Working With BOY Scouts With Disabilities

cover of the Guide, number 510-071    (BSA #510-071 © 2013 printing) 

This is more than a guide for Scoutmasters (or just Boy Scouts.) Its strength can be multiplied when shared with parents of the Scout, as well as with junior leaders. It is a ready reference guide that is helpful for Cub Scout, Varsity, or Venturing units, too!

Under General Guidelines it deals with: Leadership Techniques; Providing Encouragement; Giving Instruction; and Providing Supervision and Discipline. Unremarkably, these guides are applicable to all youth and in the world at large.

Included is a necessary glossary of Definitions of Types of Disabilities, and starts with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), that ubiquitous syndrome which may be at the root of the difficult Scout.

Guidelines for Specific Types of Disabilities provides common sense suggestions for interacting with other individuals which those without the specific disability may not, initially, understand. Observing the guides will enhance the mutual respect necessary for a wholesome relationship.

Parents have often coped with, overcome, or developed strategies which work within the family setting regarding their child with a disability. Their actions, often, have become transparent in their daily lives. Therefore, the segment on the Parents Prejoining Conference, will help elicit necessary information which can assure success.

Guidelines for Membership and Advancement advances the notion that the developmental goals of Scouting are not set in cement. A creative understanding and implementation of advancement criteria can lead to achievements and successes. One should work through your Council Committee but, Alternative Requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks can be developed. Alternative Merit Badges for Eagle Scout Rank are available. The Scouter can design and develop an individualized advancement plan for each youth in need.


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