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- R - 

rank - There are six ranks for Boy Scouts: Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and Eagle Scout.

RC - (see Regional Commissioner)

Recharter - Each unit designates leaders to present updated paperwork to the council.

Recognition Dinner - On recognition dinners at district or council level we usually recognize leaders, spouses and a few very special boys.

Region - One of four large geographical administrative units of the BSA: Central Region, Southern Region, Western Region, and Northeast Region.

Regional Commissioner (RC) - 

Registration - The payment of an annual registration fee. This is one of the requirements for membership of the BSA.

Religious Awards - An award present by individual faiths to Cub and Boy Scouts for completion of a set of requirements within their respective faiths. Adults may also receive a religious award for service to youth within their own faith.

Roundtable - Monthly meeting for leaders to exchange ideas, fellowship, and, a few announcements. Run by the districts.

roundup - A program to stimulate nonmembers to join a unit.

RT - (see Roundtable)

- S -

SA - (see Assistant Scoutmaster)

Safe Swim Defense - An eight-point plan for safe swimming.

Safety Afloat - Guidelines for safe unit activity afloat in craft under twenty-six feet long: (1) qualified supervision, (2) physical fitness, (3) swimming ability, (4) personal flotation equipment, (5) buddy system, (6) skill proficiency, (7) planning, (8) equipment, and (9) discipline.

SBLT - (Scout Basic Leader Training - see Scoutmaster Fundamentals)

School Night for Cub Scouting - A special night in a neighborhood school where boys and families gather to hear how Cub Scouting operates and how they can join.

School Night for Scouting - A one night event in a neighborhood school where boys and parents gather to hear how Scouting operates and how they can join. Typically for Cub Scouts.

Scout Benediction - "May the Great Master of all Scouts be with us until we meet again".

Scout Executive (SE) - The professional staff leader and secretary of a local council..

Scout Law (SL) - 

Scout Motto (SM) - 

Scout Oath (SO) - 

Scout Shop - Typically contained within the council offices, it is the place you can purchase uniforms and all of your Scouting needs.

Scouter - A registered adult member of the Boy Scouts of America who serves in a volunteer or professional capacity.

Scouter's Key - A recognition given to a unit leader or commissioner for completing training, tenure, and performance requirements.

Scouter's Training Award - A recognition for adults who hold positions other than that of Scoutmaster or commissioner who are trained, and who give service to Scouting.

Scouting Anniversary Week - The week, beginning on Sunday, which includes February 8, Scouting Anniversary Day.

Scouting distributor - A local business or firm licensed by the BSA Supply Division to stock and sell Scouting equipment and uniforms.

Scouting Magazine - The official magazine sent to all registered Scouters. It helps interpret the program, stimulate action, and motivate leaders to do a good job.

Scouting movement - An idea started by Lord Baden-Powell based on the conviction that boys can live up to a code of conduct and can develop themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually through a program of activities and advancement challenges in association with other boys under the leadership of adults.

Scouting for Food - National good turn event: Bags for canned food are distributed and collected the next week.

Scoutmaster - The commissioned volunteer leader, 21 or older, of a Boy Scout troop, appointed by the chartered organization.

Scoutmaster conference - A distinctive feature of the troop advancement plan in which a Scoutmaster helps a Scout accept responsibility for his own growth toward each rank.

Scoutmaster Fundamentals (SMF) - 

Scoutmaster's Minute - A part of the closing ceremony of a troop meeting or campfire in which the Scoutmaster uses a brief story to inspire Scoutlike conduct.

scribe - An appointed officer in the troop or patrol who keeps the troop or patrol records.

Second Class rank - The rank above Tenderfoot in Boy Scout advancement.

SE - (see Scout Executive)

Sea Scouts - A branch of BSA (actually of Venturing) for young men and women who are 14 years of age.

Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) -  The elected boy leader who runs the troop meetings and the patrol leaders' council meeting, with the guidance of the Scoutmaster.

Service Center / Scout Headquarters - It contains the professionals' offices and the Scout Shop (where you can buy uniforms and all of your Scouting needs.)

service patrol - The name given to a patrol that has accepted an extra work assignment for the good of the troop.

Service Star - a pin worn on the uniform above the left pocket to denote years of service in the Scouting program.

Silver Antelope Award - A recognition given by the National Court of Honor to a Scouter for distinguished service to youth within the region.

Silver Beaver - A recognition given by the National Court of Honor for distinguished service to youth within the local council. The similar regional award is the Silver Antelope and the national award is the Silver Buffalo.

Silver Buffalo Award - A recognition given by the National Court of Honor to a Scouter for distinguished service to youth within the nation.

Silver Palm - An Eagle Scout who holds the Gold Palm may receive this recognition by earning five additional merit badges and completing certain other requirements.

SK - (see Skipper)

Skipper -

SL - (see Scout Law)

SLBT - (Scout Leader Basic Training - see Scoutmaster Fundamentals)

SM - (see Scoutmaster)

SM - (see Scout Motto)

SME - (Sustaining Membership Enrollment see Friends of Scouting -  FOS)

SMF - (see Scoutmastership Fundamentals)

SO - (see Scout Oath)

Snorkeling, BSA - A recognition given to Scouts to encourage the development of aquatics skills that promote fitness and recreation.

SoR - (see Scout-o-Rama)

SPL - (see Senior Patrol Leader)

squad - A Varsity scout team subdivision that consists of four to eight members.

Star rank - The rank above First Class and below Life in Boy Scout advancement.

Supply Division - The arm of the Boy Scouts of America that supplies official uniforms, equipment, and literature to the field.

swimmer test - A specific set of tests to ascertain a minimum level of swimming ability required for deep-water swimming.

- T -

TC - (see Troop Committee)

team - The unit that conducts Varsity Scouting for the chartered organization.

Tenderfoot rank - The first rank in the Boy Scout advancement program.

tenure - A term used to describe the length of service and membership in Scouting.

TG - (see Troop Guide)

Ticket -

TLC - Troop Leaders' Council (see Patrol Leader's Council)

Troop Guide (TG) -

TTT - (see Train the Trainer)

Tenure - A term used to describe the length of service and membership in Scouting.

Tiger Cub - A boy who is in first grade (or is 7 years old) and registered, with his adult partner, as a member of a Tiger Cub den.

Tiger Cub coach - A registered adult leader, at least 21 years of age, appointed by the pack to organize, support, and provide liaison with the Tiger Cub den.

Tiger Cub Coach Award - Recognition available to Tiger Cub coaches who meet requirements of training, tenure, and performance.

Tiger Cub den - A den of five to eight Tiger Cubs and their adult partners who meet twice monthly for a shared leadership experience. Part of a Cub Scout pack.

Tiger Cub den coordinator - An adult member of the Tiger Cub den who helps maintain shared leadership and works with the Tiger Cub coach to coordinate plans for involving the Tiger Cub den in Cub Scout pack activities.

Totin' Chip. A recognition given to Scouts who subscribe to the Outdoor Code and understand and can demonstrate the proper handling, care, and use of woods tools.

Tour Permit - Permit designed to assist units in planning safe, healthful, and enjoyable trips and to ensure that proper procedures will be followed in case of emergency. Permit approved by the council for any outing that is to be taken by a group of Scouts if traveling is involved. Check with the Service Center.

Train The Trainer (TTT) - 

training course - A series of training experiences designed to help leaders understand their jobs.

troop - The unit that conducts Boy Scouting for the chartered organization.

troop committee (TC) - The committee appointed by the chartered organization to administer the affairs of the troop.

troop instructor - An older troop member proficient both in a Scouting skill and in the ability to teach that skill to others.

Two-Deep Leadership - The concept of having at least two adult registered leaders at every pack meeting or den outing for the safety and welfare of the Scouts.

- U -

UC - (see Unit Commissioner)

Uniform - The distinctive feature of Scouting that quickly identifies its members.

Uniform Inspection - A feature of a unit meeting when members of the registered unit are given an opportunity to demonstrate their uniformed appearance.

Unit - A term used to designate any one of the following; pack, troop, team, crew,  or ship.

Unit Commissioner (UC) - A commissioner assigned to a unit to lend support and help when needed. He/she can be the unit's best friend.

United Way (UW) -

University of Scouting - 

UW - (see United Way)

- V -

Varsity Scouting - A registered youth member of a Varsity Scout team who is at least 14 but not yet 18 years of age. 

Venture Patrol - A patrol of older boys in a scout troop. This patrol is likely to do "venturing" activities.

Venturing - A coed program for 14 through 20 years of age. Units are Venturing Crews.

Vigil Honor -

Volunteer - Individual who donates services, time, and/or funds to support the program of the Boy Scouts of America.

Volunteer Service - The work of a great body of men and women who make Scouting available to youth by their leadership of units.

- W -

WA - (see Assistant Webelos Den Leader)

WB - (see Wood Badge)

WDL - (see Webelos Den Leader)

Webelos -

Webelos Badge  (WB) - A rank earned by a fourth or fifth grade boy which is part of the requirements for the Arrow of Light.

Webelos Den - A group of Webelos Scouts who meet weekly under the supervision of a Webelos den leader.

Webelos Den Chief - A Boy Scout who has been appointed to help direct the activities of a Webelos den.

Webelos Den Leader (WDL) - A registered adult leader in the pack, at least 21 years of age, who leads a Webelos den.

Webelos Den Leader Award - Recognition available to Webelos leaders who complete requirements of training, tenure, and performance.

Webelos denner - A Webelos Scout who is elected by other members of his den to help the Webelos den chief and Webelos den leader.

Webelos resource person - This member of a Boy Scout troop (usually an assistant Scoutmaster or committee member) serves as a liaison between the troop and the Webelos den.

Webelos Scout  - A Cub Scout who has completed third grade (or is age 10) and is a member of a Webelos den. Webelos Scouts wear a distinctive uniform. He works on activities in the Webelos book which are suited to his age. He will be exposed to more challenging outdoor experiences including camping.

Webelos Scout Buckskin Record - A pocket card that Webelos Scouts use to keep track of their progress toward achieving the Webelos badge and the Arrow of Light Award.

Webelos-to-Scout Transition - The preparation and graduation of a boy from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting.

WFF - (see World Friendship Fund)

WJ - (see World Jamboree)

WL - (see Webelos Den Leader)

WLOE - (see Webelo Leader Outdoor Experience)

Woggle -

Wolf  - The Cub Scout rank designed for a second-grade Cub Scout (or one who is 8). Wolf rank is earned by completing twelve achievements.

Wood Badge (WB) - Advanced training session (open by invitation only) for qualified Scouters.

Woods Wisdom - Name of a publication of the BSA that contains Troop Program helps.

World Conservation Award - An award for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts emphasizing the importance of our natural resources and our interdependence with other countries in fulfilling our mutual needs.

World Crest - A badge worn by Scouts and Scouters as a symbol of commitment to the World Association of Scouting. A portion from the sale of this patch goes to support this association

World Friendship Fund (WFF) - The means by which Scouts and Scouters in the United States can provide material and equipment to help Scouting around the world.

World Jamboree (WJ) - 

World Organization of Scouting Movement (WOSM) - 

WOSM - (see World Organization of Scouting Movement)

- X -


- Y -

YiS - Yours in Scouting

YiWWSWd - Yours in Working With Scouts With disAbilities. The signoff used by individuals working with or supporting the work with disAbled Scouts.

Youth Protection Plan  (YPP) - Guidelines and policies, in place, to help fight child abuse. This BSA Emphasis fights child abuse by teaching youth the "three R's": Recognize, Resist, and Report child abuse; by helping parents and Scouters learn to recognize indicators of child abuse; and by teaching them how to handle child abuse situations.

YPP - (see Youth Protection Plan)

- Z -


- # -

2 Beader - Referencing a Scouter who has completed basic Woodbadge Training.

3 Beader - Referencing a Scouter who has worked on staff for a Woodbadge training course.

4 Beader - Referencing a Scouter who has been the Scoutmaster for a Woodbadge training course.


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